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About Me

I write for the online entertainment site WatchPlayRead and co-host (as Gory B. Movie) a YouTube channel called Horror Addicts with my husband Danny Knightmare and our son (we call him LOLZ on the channel). We post reviews, unboxings and parodies of all things horror. I also do a bit of freelance writing and consulting all from my Batcave in central Washington. Yeah, that’s in the Pacific Northwest. We have freakin’ Sasquatch, sparkling vampires and werewolves here. Most importantly, we have coffee. Life is good.

I have a BA in Creative Writing from Central Washington University, but that is not nearly as cool as the award my son gave me saying I’m the best mom ever. Seriously, you know how many moms are in the world? It’s quite an accomplishment. I mean really, with credentials like that, it’s amazing that you haven’t heard of me.

When I’m not devouring books, I’m writing. I recently finished my first novel, Caleb’s Moon and am now going through the painful process of revising. For more details about Caleb’s Moon, follow my blog because I post about it regularly.

What else? I like to skate (I’m a retired derby girl), I have a dog named Brockie and two ferrets named Gambit and Professor Xavier, my husband is an indie pro-wrestler, I love BTVS,  I’m known to break out in song and dance when no one is looking, and I’m horribly introverted.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. You like books? Me too! Leave a comment and tell me what you’re reading. Seriously, I really want to know. I’m incredibly nosy when it comes to reading. If you add me on Goodreads, I will stalk you. You’ve been warned.

73 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello, Hayley. I came across your blog via friend’s friend’s blog (such a small world!) and I’m really looking forward to reading your reviews. Even I enjoy horror quite a bit, though as I’m new to this genre I have a lot more to explore. If you have a few suggestions for a new horror reader then please help me out.
    Have a great day!

    PS: Your header is totally awesome! ❤

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