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HUNTER SHEA HAUL & GIVEAWAY | Mystery Unboxing from Horror Author

Gory and Brockie open a mystery box from horror author Hunter Shea full of booky goodness. Stay tuned for a giveaway to win a signed copy of Hunter’s book The Montauk Monster at the end of the video.


Watch the video and answer Gory’s question in the YouTube comments. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #HoffVSFish to make sure Gory sees it.

To qualify you need to be a subscriber to Horror Addicts. Giveaway ends March 15th at 12pm Pacific Standard Time. Winner will receive a copy of The Montauk Monster signed by author Hunter Shea. Winner will be drawn March 16th. Video responses earn an extra five entries into the giveaway.

THE DOVER DEMON by Hunter Shea | Horror Book Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

Review and giveaway of Hunter Shea’s novel The Dover Demon based on the cryptid legend.


Enter the giveaway and win an autographed copy of The Dover Demon! https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/ddcb86932/?

Spielberg to Direct Ernest Cline’s ‘Ready Player One’

My wildest geek dreams have come true. A movie of Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel, Ready Player One is in the works and steven spielbergWarner Bros. Studios has Steven Freakin’ Spielberg set to direct it.

So why is this so amazing? First, they’re gonna need a bigger special effects budget. To give you an idea, here’s a brief synopsis of the novel:

In 2044, the world has deteriorated to the point that the population spends their days logged on to the OASIS, a virtual reality utopia where anyone can go to school, earn a living and customize their avatar. When James Halliday, the 80’s obsessed creator, died he hid an Easter Egg in one of his thousands of virtual worlds and willed that the person who discovered it would inherit his entire estate, including control of the OASIS. Continue reading Spielberg to Direct Ernest Cline’s ‘Ready Player One’