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HORROR BLOCK Unboxing (December 2015) – Horror Addicts

Gory and LOLZ unbox their December Horror Block. It’s a little late due to our computer troubles earlier this month, but it’s full of awesome surprises!

Sign up for you own Horror Block at http://www.horrorblock.com. January’s block will feature items from Carrie! Expect our unboxing of that block in the next few days! And if you sign up now you can get February’s block that promises zombie goodness!

Horror Addicts ORIGINS: How We Got Into Horror

Our entry to Bloodbath and Beyond’s 5k Contest. Find out how Gory, Danny, and LOLZ got into horror. Please hit that thumbs up button while you’re there, subscribe to our channel, and leave a comment with your own origin story.

Don’t forget to to visit Bloodbath and Beyond’s channel and subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthj…