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HORROR HAUL & DIGITAL GIVEAWAY | Movies, Books & Games (January 2016)

Gory B. Movie’s haul of horror books, Blu-Rays, DVDs, and PS4 games from November through January. Loads of movie reviews and unboxings of new releases including Scream Factory editions. PLUS digital HD codes from movies of all genres–just leave a comment on YouTube below the video letting me know which one you want and I’ll message you the code and instructions. First come, first served.

For a complete list of currently available codes, check the video description on YouTube.


THE KILLER IS HERE! | #4 Until DawnJealousy, Part 2 – Horror Game Playthrough

Gory B. Movie plays the second half of chapter 2: Jealousy of Until Dawn on the PS4. Finally, we get some action! Lots of jump scares and our first real interaction with the killer!

BITCHES BE CRAY-CRAY | #3 Until Dawn: Jealousy Pt. 2 – Horror Gameplay

Gory B. Movie plays the first half of chapter 2: Jealousy of Until Dawn on the PS4. Watch as Gory literally plays until the break of dawn. Also, Pancake Bunny returns!. Let us know in the comments if you would rather see Chris or Emily die next in the game!